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baby wearing

  • sakura bloom sling diaries, che and fidel

    by Summer

    babywearing - sakura bloom

    Such a beautiful moment. You can literally feel the endearment. And if you're a babywearing mama, you can wholly identify.

    Part of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries on Che and Fidel.


  • f&f holiday q&a: elle rowely of solly baby wraps

    by Summer

    elle rowley, solly baby

    Meet Elle Rowely. She is the hot mom & brilliant business women behind Solly Baby. She's re-invented the traditional baby wrap that mothers have used.... forever and given it a clever, stylish update. If you have not had success with other baby wraps (they're always too big for me and I dislike all the excess fabric) .. then Solly is the one for you! And? Solly Baby is a part of this month's Forest Finds.

    In the spirit of the spirit of the Holidays I asked Elle about all of her favorites... thx Elle!

    What is your fondest childhood holiday memory?
    I spent much of my childhood in the swampy lands of southeast Texas as the youngest of seven children in a rather poor family. We rarely got new clothes, much less new toys throughout the year, except for on Christmas.

    To say it was merely exciting would be a gross understatement. It was like we won the lottery every December 25th. My parents went out of their way to make Christmas over the top and they’d spread the presents out so far you couldn’t walk into the living room, which was easy to do with presents for seven children.

    Walking into that room was like magic. The closest thing I’ll ever get to being in a fairytale. I’d love to create really big, exciting moments like that for my kids now.

    What is your child’s/family’s most treasured holiday tradition?
    My mother in-law started and passed down the tradition we call “25 books”. We wrap up the same 25 children’s Christmas books every year and put them under the tree. Every night your children choose one to unwrap and we read it cuddled up under a Christmas quilt she had made for our family.

    It keeps us close as a family through the busy holiday season and really gets us feeling the holiday spirit early on. Plus, my husband and I are avid readers so any chance we can share that with our children we feel like we’re doing something right.

    What is your favorite holiday treat?
    I am obsessed with The Ticket Kitchen’s hot chocolate on a stick. Their vanilla mint and salted caramel are to die for. It’s like Christmas in your mouth.

    Shop Solly Baby.

  • sakura bloom sling love

    by Summer

    I love this.
    I love babywearing.
    And I love Sakura Bloom & their Sling Diaries as you know.

    Meet Jodi of the blog Che & Fidel. Stylin' mom wearing her sweet child in a Sakura Bloom sling. Be sure to click through to see & read more motherly awesomeness.

    Image via Che & Fidel.

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  • baby wearing: sakura bloom

    by Summer

    I've been a babywear-er from the get go. I have 3 sons (oldest is 6, youngest is 2) and have happily toted them around for most of their first year of life.

    The Sakura Bloom ring sling is by far my favorite sling. I love the color and fabric options and the sling itself... Oh so comfortable.

    Sakura Bloom has a fun project called the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries. One of the participants, Hither and Thither shares some adorable images of her tiny newborn in a linen Sakura Bloom.

    So sweet.

    Image via Hither and Thither.

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  • moby wrap style

    by Summer

    Babywearing style. I love it. I've always thought baby is a mom's best accessory. 

    So true, look at this very stylish mom wearing her baby in a Moby Wrap!

    Love it.  Shop Moby Wrap.

    [Image via]

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