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  • cute!

    by Summer

    sock puppet | f&f blog

    Seriously cute, guys.
    I'm guilty of never actually making a sock puppet ... !
    Time to get my priorities straight : )
    I hope you are all having a marvelous summer.
    Image via.

  • sili

    by Summer

    sili | fawnandforest.comsili |

    Every kid (and baby!) loves a good squeeze. Apple sauce? Meh. Put it in something squeezy ... awesome!

    Amazing how that works. I love the brand Sili and their squeeze containers ... non-toxic, well designed silicone squeeze bottles that are cool enough to be used well into the kid-years.

    Shop Sili!

  • summer sale!

    by Summer

    f&f summer sale | ends august 4th


    Our annual Storewide Summer Sale is .. on now! Use code SUMMER2014 & receive 11% off your order, some restrictions apply & some brands are restricted. Sale ends Monday August 4th.

    Shop now!

  • kuoo

    by Summer

    kuoo | f&f blogkuoo | f&f blog kuoo | f&f blog

    I recently came across this bright kid's space by Kuoo Architects and thought... hmmm. I can't quite figure if it's a real room or digitally designed. Whatever the case is, it's those beautiful AIM Pendants by Flos I'm after ... amazing! Makes great use of that grey wall.




  • oh summertime

    by Summer

    summertime | f&f blog

    oh summertime!
    i ended up taking the last couple weeks off. and around. doing summertime things like one should. the boys and i have been having a blast being busy ... and doing nothing.

    my older 2 boys get up every morning and feed the goats and chickens before breakfast. such a fantastic routine to be out in fresh air, greet their animal friends and get their chores crossed off the list first thing. and? they never complain.

    we've had beautiful warm days filled with berry picking, tinkering in the garden and lots of reading. a quick trip to the beach and weekly $1 movies at the local theatre. making comic books, gathering eggs, scheming ways to keep the deere away and riding the john deer around our property... and ... maybe sneaking in some video games too.

    happy summer!

  • sebastian's batcave

    by Summer

    Sebastian's Batcave | f&f blogSebastian's Batcave | f&f blog Sebastian's Batcave | f&f blog Sebastian's Batcave | f&f blog Sebastian's Batcave | f&f blog

    I'm such a huge Sissy & Marley fan it's not even funny (check this out). Chelsea's style has such polish & finesse and always inspires me with it's composition.

    She recently re-designed her son Sebastian's room... which she's calling the bat cave, appropriately! I have yet to design my boy's room beyond buying them a Perch Bunkbed and hanging a few random things on the wall -- ugg. it's been over a year since we moved into our new home -- Chelsea has totally inspired me to get a move on it!

    Also? Doesn't this room have great bones? Pretty white molding and wood floors always pulls the space together.

    A few things:
    1. Star Wallpaper designed by Sissy & Marley for Jill Malek
    2. Room CPH Lego Head & Storage (which we will soon carry in the shop!)
    3. Molded black chair
    4. Ferm Living Half Moon Storage Basket
    5. Stuffies by Lucky Boy Sunday
    5. a few posters by Mini & Maximus
    6. Blah Blah Blanket by Donna Wilson
    7. Striped Rug

    Visit Sissy & Marley.

    Thx Chelsea!

  • oh little tree

    by Summer

    oh little tree | f&f blog oh little tree | f&f blog oh little tree | f&f blog

    Oh Little Tree is an amazing new blog /site / shop (coming soon!) by my creative/adventurous friend Kayleen Gamo & her husband Ryan. It's about camping & kids and experiencing nature as a family. And? A bit of everything in between including a seriously amazing recipe for homemade almond milk with a twist (never thought of adding a ripe banana for sweetener - perfect!)

    We're planning a nice long roadtrip down the Oregon/Northern California coast to San Francisco & Big Sur with the kids this summer, so this post about Big Sur is right on -- so beautiful!

    Oh Little Tree
    Oh Little Tree Blog

  • list 6.11.14

    by Summer

    list 6.11.14 | f&f blog

    1. prism boxes
    these prism boxes by olga bielawska are amazing. i want 1 (or 3!) and am inspired to diy, though i doubt they'd turn out as amazing.


    list 6.11.14 | f&f blog

    2. flexa
    danish brand flexa has a really beautiful crib (cot) and convertible (high) chair that i am totally crushing out on. safety regulations and standard crib sizes often hinder amazing brands like this being sold in the US but if i could waive my magical wand.... 


  • tiny tour: mia's room

    by Summer

    Tiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blog

    One thing is certain: when you're a librarian's daughter, a room full of amazing books and a cozy spot to read is a guarantee. Utah Mom (and Children's Librarian!) Abbie Carter-Smith has done just that -- created one of those get down on the floor and really play/ read/ imagine spaces for her daughter Mia, unique to her point of view. The room shines with personality.

    Be sure to follow Abbie (@abjane17) on Instagram.
    Thx Abbie!

    Tiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blog

    "We are renting, so I couldn't drastically change the space. Her bedroom is pretty cool, because it's really two rooms in one! One standard-sized bedroom, with a smaller dressing/walk-in closet room attached. We call them her "big room" and her "little room" and she loves them. We use her "big room" for sleeping (she sleeps on a queen-sized floor bed since I co-sleep with her) and we use her "little room" for her closet and also as a little reading nook.

    We are having a baby boy in August and I intend for them to share the space. I promised Mia that we won't change anything about her room/s, of course. :) Since her space is pretty gender neutral (like i prefer for children) that's easy to do. I intend on replacing the vintage dresser in her "little room" with a mini crib. We will only be renting this house for one more year and then we are planning on buying our own house.

    What I like best about Mia's bedroom is the use of bright color. While I do admire minimalist and monochromatic interiors, I like color far too much to ever pull off those styles. Color makes me feel happier and I feel like it must have the same effect on children as well. Mia says she likes it. I think it fits her 4-year-old personality very well. I like keeping interior walls white and adding color through accessories and textiles. I'd say my decorating style is: eclectic, both retro-influenced and modern, and inspired by Scandinavian style." - Abbie Carter-Smith


    Image 1 & 2 / Mushroom Pouf from Anne-Claire Petit / Moon night light from Ikea / Woodland Bunny nightlight from ebay / Picture wall ledges from Ikea

    Image 3 / Collection of Sonny Angel Kewpie Dolls

    Image 4 / Bedding by Garnet Hill / Stuffed friends from Blabla,  Lucky Boy Sunday, and Oeuf.

    Image 5 / Skip Hop Owl Backpack / Wallcandy Arts Owl wallstickers / Bedding from Garnet Hill, Land of NodIkea

    Image 6 / Vintage shelf bought on Ebay / Filled with Tokidoki vinyl toys - I'm a big fan of Japanese pop culture toys and Mia has inherited a lot of my collection

    Image 7 / Armshell Rocker / Lucky Boy Sunday Cushion / Various toys from Haba, Grimm's & Plan Toys / Storage Baskets from Land of Nod

    Image 8 / Hape All-Seasons Dollhouse and accessories

    All images by Abbie Carter-Smith for fawn&forest
    Be sure to follow Abbie (@abjane17) on Instagram!

  • stokke steps bouncer & highchair

    by Summer

    stokke steps bouncer & chair | f&f blogstokke steps bouncer & chair | f&f blog stokke steps bouncer & chair | f&f blog stokke steps bouncer & chair | f&f blog stokke steps bouncer & chair | f&f blog

    I'm super excited about then new products Stokke has released for 2014 .. including the brilliant new Stokke Steps Bouncer & Highchair.

    Both pieces are not only atheistically pleasing (love the grey & white bouncer!)  but can truly be utilized for a long period of time -- the chair can ultimately makes it way through early childhood once the babyset portion & tray of the chair has been removed.

    Shop Stokke!

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