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  • diy, painted harlequin

    by Summer

    diy harlequin via

    Clever idea of the week: paint a harlequin pattern on the wall of your kid's room. I think it's a lot of fun, and equally love the variation in color and that it doesn't cover the entire wall.

    Find the complete directions on Herligheder.

  • project, a winter walk in the forest package

    by Summer

    Winter-Walk-Treasures-via-Rajovilla Winter-Walk-Nature-collection

    As we're on the last stretch of Winter I'm inspired to at least enjoy these cold days with a wonderful idea: a Winter Walk package by my friend Joya.  Simply gather Sculpey clay into a tidy package of kraft paper with a dot fabric bow (irresistible!) and give to someone you love. I think my kids would love a package like this with a promise of a long woodsy walk...

    The extra special part of this gift? That fantastic white painting on the inside of the wrap. Joya is certainly a source of creativity & talent.  You can see more of Joya & her creativity on her blog and Instagram


    Images by Joya via Rajovilla.


  • f&f holiday 2012: printable gift tags

    by Summer


    Are you wrapping gifts yet? I have not quite started, though am trying not to be too last minute this year! We'll see.

    To go along with our holiday-ing this year at fawn&forest, we've made some snazzy, free printable gift tags -- simply open the PDF & print!

    Happy wrapping! If you need something to wrap, check out the f&f Holiday Catalog and Gift Guide. 

    You can print the tags, here.

  • advent house

    by Summer

    advent 1
    advent 2

    I love this advent calendar made of toilet paper rolls, made into the shape of a house. It's brilliantly cute and if you're late on the countdown... you could use this concept year around to countdown to.... a birthday? Last day of school.

    For more images and complete project details visit Morning Creativity.

  • holiday 2012: christmas town advent printable

    by Summer

    It's December 3rd already but I just have to share this fun advent calendar -- a village! I love the graphic patterns! My thought: print it out & let the kids make their own fun paper Christmas village, why not?

    You can print the village from Mr. Printables.

  • 30 days of the inspired family, day 30: cross stitch family portraits

    by Summer

    Wa-hoo! Day 30 of 30 days of the inspired family: Cross stitch family portraits.

    That was a fun month -- 30 projects to do as a family that will inspire imagination, creativity and tighten your family bond.

    Now, this is a project that might be put on the "to-do" list as it's a bit involved. But really -- how fantastic it'd be to have your family portrait in cross stitch! With Martha's simple directions it's not as complicated at it seems though I know I would need to brush up on my cross stitching skills first!

    For more images & complete directions, visit good 'ol Martha.

  • 30 days of the inspired family, day 29: woodsy playland with pine scented dough

    by Summer

    30 days of the inspired family, day 29: woodsy playland with pine scented play dough

    I love this open ended idea. It captivates imagination, familiarity, the sense of smell and a storyline. Kids will likely jump right in and be off in their own land. And? It can be stored in  basket to be played with all winter long.

    For more lovely photos & project instructions visit Small Potatoes.

  • 30 days of the inspired family, day 28: hama beads

    by Summer

    Day 28 of the inspired family: hama beads!

    Hama beads are fun ... but those intricate patterns can be a bit tedious. For a quicker project I love this idea of making shapes. You can turn the shapes into a pendant decoration (like a bunting - i love it!) or use as a Christmas Tree ornament .. or even a necklace!

    For more images & instructions visit Yumicha!

  • f&f holiday 2012: indoor snowball fight!

    by Summer

    Are you ready for this? Surprise your family with an indoor marshmallow snowball fight. I surprised mine a couple years ago and we literally had the best time ever! Everyone was pelting each other with small marshmallows, yelling, giggling, dodging ...... chasing and laughing so hard we cried. FUN.

    Super fun & for full effect, it must be a surprise! And make you you're armed & ready to throw the 1st shot!

    A couple tips:
    1. Small marshmallows work better for small children. If hit with one a big marshmallows can make small children cry!
    2.  While marshmallows are not necessarily messy ... having a snowball fight with them being tossed all over the house, thrown by sticky small hands IS sort of messy. That's ok & part of the fun. Fairly easy to clean up and perhaps enlist the dog....

    This project is part of our f&f Holiday 2012 Mag & Gift Guide ... so go take a peek, here!


  • 30 days of the inspired family, day 27: printable roadway

    by Summer

    Day 27 of 30 Days of the Inspired Family: Printable Roadway

    You really could draw a roadway of your own on a piece of paper, certainly. But there is something compelling for a toddler to see pages just for them pop out of the printer... even if just a roadway.

    While maybe not so exciting for big kids, toddlers will have endless fun driving cars over the roadway and drawing in buildings, trees... birds. That is, until it gets ripped up. A toddler after all !!

    You can print out the roadway from Zlesa.

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