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Tag Archives: holiday 2012

  • f&f holiday recipe: thumbprint cookies

    by Summer

    holiday cookies at

    Nothing cozier than baking cookies with the kids during the holidays. Messy tasty fun! My friend Psalms came up with a tasty (& healthy!) thumbprint cookie recipe the kids  can practically manage on their own. My own son Owen had a particular fun time smooshing his thumb into each cookie and scooping the jam.

    For the recipe, go to page 11 & 12 of the f&f Holiday Gift Guide & Mag.

  • f&f holiday q&a: chase simmering of strange birdy studio

    by Summer

    Meet Chase Simmering. She's the creative force behind Strange Birdy Studio. Strange Birdy is a small design studio that has re-imagined the standard baby "book" & how baby's 1st year is documented. Super upbeat, modern, edgy... and relatable.  And? She's even thought to document all the miscellaneous milestones such as "peeing on parents" (been there!).  Strange Birdy Studio is also part of the current batch of Forest Finds.

    What is your fondest childhood holiday memory?
    My fondest childhood holiday memory is probably driving and picking out our Christmas tree from Mr. Potter's farm. Mr. Potter delivered fresh eggs and chicken to my family for years and each Christmas, we would drive an hour to his farm and walk deep into his land in search of the perfect tree. We'd have sugar cubes and carrots in our pockets for his horses, and there were always litters of newborn kittens to hold and thermoses of hot cider to drink. Every year my sisters and I would try and pick the biggest and fullest tree we could find and the search was very focused but extremely exciting. There were more than a couple years where the tops of the trees would be bent under our ceiling--from a child's perspective, once fully decorated and lit-up, it felt like the set of the Nutcracker in our living room.

    What is your child's/family's most loved holiday tradition?
    My daughter is 2 1/2 (and soon to be a sister) and just starting to really understand holidays and traditions. One thing that my husband and I have made a tradition is picking a special food we can make with her for each holiday. My husband loves to take her to the garden to learn about and pick ingredients for the meals they create together--I typically handle the desserts. For the upcoming holidays, she'll definitely be doing a lot of dough rolling and pie-filling. We also have carried on a tradition that my mother began, where each year she would design an ornament for each of us that symbolized something significant from our year. It's wonderful to unpack and hang the ornaments, and tell each story as you go. Her sister is due to arrive shortly after Christmas so we're going to fold in as much old and new tradition as we can before then!

    What is your favorite holiday treat?
    Being raised by an amazing cook and foodie and now being married to one, picking a favorite is nearly impossible. One savory treat I can't seem to handle skipping every Christmas though is Yorkshire Pudding. It's pretty decadent but definitely one of those nostalgia foods I can't seem to outgrow. I wish I could link to my mother's recipe but found this one which seems pretty spot on. 

    Shop Strange Birdy Studio.

  • f&f holiday q&a: elle rowely of solly baby wraps

    by Summer

    elle rowley, solly baby

    Meet Elle Rowely. She is the hot mom & brilliant business women behind Solly Baby. She's re-invented the traditional baby wrap that mothers have used.... forever and given it a clever, stylish update. If you have not had success with other baby wraps (they're always too big for me and I dislike all the excess fabric) .. then Solly is the one for you! And? Solly Baby is a part of this month's Forest Finds.

    In the spirit of the spirit of the Holidays I asked Elle about all of her favorites... thx Elle!

    What is your fondest childhood holiday memory?
    I spent much of my childhood in the swampy lands of southeast Texas as the youngest of seven children in a rather poor family. We rarely got new clothes, much less new toys throughout the year, except for on Christmas.

    To say it was merely exciting would be a gross understatement. It was like we won the lottery every December 25th. My parents went out of their way to make Christmas over the top and they’d spread the presents out so far you couldn’t walk into the living room, which was easy to do with presents for seven children.

    Walking into that room was like magic. The closest thing I’ll ever get to being in a fairytale. I’d love to create really big, exciting moments like that for my kids now.

    What is your child’s/family’s most treasured holiday tradition?
    My mother in-law started and passed down the tradition we call “25 books”. We wrap up the same 25 children’s Christmas books every year and put them under the tree. Every night your children choose one to unwrap and we read it cuddled up under a Christmas quilt she had made for our family.

    It keeps us close as a family through the busy holiday season and really gets us feeling the holiday spirit early on. Plus, my husband and I are avid readers so any chance we can share that with our children we feel like we’re doing something right.

    What is your favorite holiday treat?
    I am obsessed with The Ticket Kitchen’s hot chocolate on a stick. Their vanilla mint and salted caramel are to die for. It’s like Christmas in your mouth.

    Shop Solly Baby.

  • f&f holiday 2012 gift picks: grace, age 7

    by Summer


    I have three boys. My friend Natalie has 3 girls! So of course I asked her girls for their very best fawn&forest gift picks. Next up? The middle sister, Grace, age 7. She's just as sweet as she looks.

    Grace's Gift Picks
    A. ever/after hi-low skirt
    B. Binth Man's Best Friend Print
    D. Ross Menuez Lynx Pillow
    E.  Wallcandy Deerly Beloved Wallstickers

    You can see more of Grace and her 2 sister's in the fawn&forest Holiday 2012 Gift Guide & Mag.

  • f&f holiday 2012: printable gift tags

    by Summer


    Are you wrapping gifts yet? I have not quite started, though am trying not to be too last minute this year! We'll see.

    To go along with our holiday-ing this year at fawn&forest, we've made some snazzy, free printable gift tags -- simply open the PDF & print!

    Happy wrapping! If you need something to wrap, check out the f&f Holiday Catalog and Gift Guide. 

    You can print the tags, here.

  • advent house

    by Summer

    advent 1
    advent 2

    I love this advent calendar made of toilet paper rolls, made into the shape of a house. It's brilliantly cute and if you're late on the countdown... you could use this concept year around to countdown to.... a birthday? Last day of school.

    For more images and complete project details visit Morning Creativity.

  • f&f holiday 2012 gift picks: zoe, age 8

    by Summer

    I have three boys. My friend Natalie has 3 girls! So of course I asked her girls for their very best fawn&forest gift picks. First up? The oldest sister, Zoe, age 8. She's one cool cat that, from the looks of it, loves animals!

    Zoe's Gift Picks
    A. Ross Menuze Panda Pillow
    B. Ferm Living Animal Farm Wall Sticker
    C. David Weeks Lucy Crocodile
    D. Wallcandy Owls Wall Sticker
    E.  Ferm Living Plywood Animals

    You can see more of Zoe and her 2 sister's in the fawn&forest Holiday 2012 Gift Guide & Mag.

  • f&f holiday 2012 gift picks: rachelle of kenziepoo & la petite magazine

    by Summer

    I hope December is off to a fantastic start! If you're in need of inspiration, I asked 4 of my favorite bloggers & editors to share their Holiday favorites. Rachelle Francey, Editor of La Petite Magazine and her blog, Kenziepoo shares sweet Christmas memories & gift picks with an amazing monochromatic approach.

    What is your fondest childhood holiday memory?
    I would have to say my Favorite memory as a child would have to be when my family would go to my Grandma’s old Farm house for Christmas. I remember waking up on Christmas morning being snowed in. Luckily, we weren’t snowed in for long!

    What is your family's most loved holiday tradition?
    My family get's new pajamas every year and wraps them up and then opens them on Christmas Eve! We of course wear them that night. I love this tradition, because we all go shopping for our pajamas together. It is such a fun family outing!

    What is your favorite holiday treat?
    My family's favorite holiday treat is an Eggnog Rum Bundt Cake.

    Rachelle's Gift Picks:
    A. Ferm Living Mrs. Cushion
    B. Ferm Living Black Triangle Laundry Basket
    C. Ferm Living To-Do Wall Sticker
    D. Ferm Living Dollhouse
    E.  Ferm Living Basket

    Be sure to check out the fawn&forest Holiday 2012 Mag & Gift Guide!


  • holiday 2012: christmas town advent printable

    by Summer

    It's December 3rd already but I just have to share this fun advent calendar -- a village! I love the graphic patterns! My thought: print it out & let the kids make their own fun paper Christmas village, why not?

    You can print the village from Mr. Printables.

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