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Tag Archives: tiny tours

  • tiny tour: mia's room

    by Summer

    Tiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blog

    One thing is certain: when you're a librarian's daughter, a room full of amazing books and a cozy spot to read is a guarantee. Utah Mom (and Children's Librarian!) Abbie Carter-Smith has done just that -- created one of those get down on the floor and really play/ read/ imagine spaces for her daughter Mia, unique to her point of view. The room shines with personality.

    Be sure to follow Abbie (@abjane17) on Instagram.
    Thx Abbie!

    Tiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blogTiny Tours: Mia's Room | f&f blog

    "We are renting, so I couldn't drastically change the space. Her bedroom is pretty cool, because it's really two rooms in one! One standard-sized bedroom, with a smaller dressing/walk-in closet room attached. We call them her "big room" and her "little room" and she loves them. We use her "big room" for sleeping (she sleeps on a queen-sized floor bed since I co-sleep with her) and we use her "little room" for her closet and also as a little reading nook.

    We are having a baby boy in August and I intend for them to share the space. I promised Mia that we won't change anything about her room/s, of course. :) Since her space is pretty gender neutral (like i prefer for children) that's easy to do. I intend on replacing the vintage dresser in her "little room" with a mini crib. We will only be renting this house for one more year and then we are planning on buying our own house.

    What I like best about Mia's bedroom is the use of bright color. While I do admire minimalist and monochromatic interiors, I like color far too much to ever pull off those styles. Color makes me feel happier and I feel like it must have the same effect on children as well. Mia says she likes it. I think it fits her 4-year-old personality very well. I like keeping interior walls white and adding color through accessories and textiles. I'd say my decorating style is: eclectic, both retro-influenced and modern, and inspired by Scandinavian style." - Abbie Carter-Smith


    Image 1 & 2 / Mushroom Pouf from Anne-Claire Petit / Moon night light from Ikea / Woodland Bunny nightlight from ebay / Picture wall ledges from Ikea

    Image 3 / Collection of Sonny Angel Kewpie Dolls

    Image 4 / Bedding by Garnet Hill / Stuffed friends from Blabla,  Lucky Boy Sunday, and Oeuf.

    Image 5 / Skip Hop Owl Backpack / Wallcandy Arts Owl wallstickers / Bedding from Garnet Hill, Land of NodIkea

    Image 6 / Vintage shelf bought on Ebay / Filled with Tokidoki vinyl toys - I'm a big fan of Japanese pop culture toys and Mia has inherited a lot of my collection

    Image 7 / Armshell Rocker / Lucky Boy Sunday Cushion / Various toys from Haba, Grimm's & Plan Toys / Storage Baskets from Land of Nod

    Image 8 / Hape All-Seasons Dollhouse and accessories

    All images by Abbie Carter-Smith for fawn&forest
    Be sure to follow Abbie (@abjane17) on Instagram!

  • tiny tours: hjalmar's room

    by Summer

    tiny tours: hjalmar's room | f&f blog

    Swedish mom Mathilda Karlsson instantly wins the coolest mom of the year award for boldly wallpapering her son Hjalmar's room in Ferm Living's Half Moon wallpaper! Seriously. And she's made the space even more spectacular with all of the yellow/black/natural accents.... and a few clever DIY's. Hjalmar, you've got one cool room kiddo!

    Be sure to follow Mathilda (@elsasrum) on Instagram.
    Thx Mathilda!


    tiny tours: hjalmar's room | f&f blogtiny tours: hjalmar's room | f&f blogtiny tours: hjalmar's room | f&f blogtiny tours: hjalmar's room | f&f blogtiny tours: hjalmar's room | f&f blog

    "I have done some things in my son Hjalmar's room myself. For example we have built his desk and the shelves above, made of plywood and trestles from Ikea. Our son just loves to sit and play and therefore we wanted a long, big desk for him. He also loves to put all his cars on the desk." - Mathilda Karlsson


    Image 1 / Ferm Living Half Moon Wallpaper / Yellow Flowerpot Lamp / Yellow Acapulco Chair

    Image 2 & 5 / Ferm Living Baskets .. Black Triangle & Half Moon / Yellow Acapulco Chair / Ferm Living Half Moon Wallpaper

    Image 3 / Mini Yellow Apple Papple print from Fine Little Day was put on a handmade MDF house-shaped board / Robots in the yellow glass box by Ingela P. Arenius

    Image 4 / The lamp is an old lamp I found at a flea market and took the fabric screen off and saved the frame. My son calls it the skeleton lamp!

    Image 6 / Framed baby shoes, frames from Ikea.


    All images by Mathilda Karlsson for fawn&forest.
    Follow Mathilda (@elsasrum ) on Instagram!


  • tiny tours: christian's room

    by Summer

    f&f tiny tours: christian's room

    Walking into Christian's room is pure happiness! Son of Instagraming mom from Northern Ireland Karen Donaghey, Christian not only has a sweet spot to slumber but check out his library! His room is bright & delightful and I'm completely smitten.

    You can follow Karen (@artmarble) on Instagram!
    Thx Karen!

    f&f tiny tours: christian's roomf&f tiny tours: christian's roomf&f tiny tours: christian's roomf&f tiny tours: christian's roomf&f tiny tours: christian's roomf&f tiny tours: christian's roomf&f tiny tours: christian's room

    "Designing Christian's room has been so enjoyable. I decided early on that I wanted a white box so to speak with colour added through accessories and prints.  The white base was essential to me as I knew the room would constantly evolve  and I never tire of white clean lines.  I'm naturally drawn to monochrome but as my whole house already is these colours, I wanted to inject some fun and care free colour.

    Christian's bedroom is also his playroom so I had to make sure there was sufficient floor space for him to play whilst making sure I had ample storage solutions. The Ferm living baskets and fold up tent have been amazing for this, they are attractive to look at yet extremely functional and playful. I guess my favourite area in his room is the mini library, it adds beautiful colours and creates a separate calm space for him to chill out. He often grabs all his cushions and sits and flicks through his books here.

    Over the next few months, the room will evolve more as I buy a 'big boys' bed, so it will be interesting to see what direction it takes, something's telling me black is on the cards!" - Karen Donaghey


    Image 1 &  2 / Ferm Living Storage Bag /  Eames Hang It All / Rosendahl Monkey / Apple Papple Poster by Fine Little day / C Print by Ferm Living / By Nord Bedding

    Image 3 /  Heico Rabbit Lamp /  Penguin by oyoy / Cushions by Lucky Boy Sunday & Soft Gallery / Snake by Ferm Living / Bear print by Seventy Tree

    Image 4 /  Miniwilla print / Ferm Living Blanket & Storage Bag / selection of cuddly toys by Lucky Boy Sunday, Acne jr & Ferm Living

    Image 5 / Tiger & Circus poster & Letter Banner by OMM Design

    Image 6 / Acne jr drum / Brio car / Rice DK Dinosaur / Miller Goodman games

    Image 7 / Random selection of books

    Image 8 /  Tent by Ferm Living /  Christian's hat is by Beau Loves / Tee is by Soft Gallery


    All photos by Karen Donaghey for fawn&forest
    Be sure to follow Karen (@artmarble) on Instagram!


  • tiny tours: wilmer's room

    by Summer

    f&f tiny tours: wilmer's room

    Welcome to Wilmer's room, twin son of Swedish Instagraming mom Johanna Bjelkengren. I love the old/new feel about Wilmer's room, it's so delightfully cozy! The Ferm Living wallpaper anchors the vintage-y feel and it's just perfect.

    You can follow Johanna (@wilwig) on Instagram!
    & be sure to check out Wilmer's twin brother's room in a previous Tiny Tour, here.
    Thx Johanna!

    f&f tiny tours: wilmer's roomf&f tiny tours: wilmer's roomf&f tiny tours: wilmer's roomf&f tiny tours: wilmer's roomf&f tiny tours: wilmer's room

    "I decided quite early (even before the boys where born) that they would have yellow and green as their colours. Just as sure of that Wilmer was Wilmer and Ludwig was Ludwig I was in that Wilmer would have yellow as his colour.

    So when we created the boys own room I took in yellow but also black because I think its a nice combination. The wallpaper from Ferm Living is a favorite so there was no doubt that we would choose it. I like to have both old and new things and it has become a nice room to be in and hopefully Wilmer will think so to!" - Johanna Bjelkengren


    Image 1 / The black chest was bought at a sale a few years ago / Custom Birth Poster by Miniwilla / Dotty Wallpaper by Ferm Living

    Image 2 & 4 / Black shelf by String / Small rocking chair from my Father's Aunt / Drum by Acne Jr.  / OMM Design Animal Matryoshka / Almost everything on the shelf is from Glad / Pillow by Polarn O. Pyret

    Image 3 & 6 / Map poster & Panda Pillow are both from Miniroom / Lion pillow by Åhléns / Custom Birth Poster by Miniwilla / Fjallraven Kanken Yellow Backpack

    Image 5 / Miniwilla Poster / Acne Jr. Chester Bear


    All photos by Johanna Bjelkengren for fawn&forest.
    Be sure to follow Johanna (@wilwig) on Instagram!



  • tiny tours: luck's room

    by Summer

    f&f tiny tours: luck's room | f&f blog

    This is Luck's big boy room .. the animals walking along the windowsill & collection of toy cars are total proof!! Luck, the handsome son of Georgia mom Molly Fera not only has loads of room to play but his room is filled with such a cheerful collection of playful objects & decor. Plus, who can resist all those vintage Care Bears on his bed?

    Be sure to follow Molly (@mamasault) on Instagram!
    Thx Molly!


    f&f tiny tours: luck's room | f&f blogf&f tiny tours: luck's room | f&f blogf&f tiny tours: luck's room | f&f blogf&f tiny tours: luck's room | f&f blogf&f tiny tours: luck's room | f&f blogf&f tiny tours: luck's room | f&f blogf&f tiny tours: luck's room | f&f blog

    "When designing Luck's room, I hoped to create a happy space that he will enjoy for many years. Together he and I fill it with things that he loves. It's lively and fun and as you look around it's easy to picture Luck's character. I love that most!

    His furniture is a mix of both vintage and new pieces. I like that it's drastically different yet still goes together. Pretzels are Luck's favorite and when I found the pretzel bedding I knew he had to have it! The dresser was mine from childhood that I've refinished twice now which we also used in Luck's nursery." - Molly Fera


    Image 1 / David Weeks Cubebot  / OMM Design Matryoshka / Print by Helen Dardik

    Image 2 & 3 / Word Banner & Moon Poster by OMM Design / Stuffed friends by Lucky Boy Sunday, Donna Wilson  & Bla Bla

    Image 4 & 5 / OMM Design Plate Collection / Scheilch Animals / Fjallraven Kanken Backpack / Vintage coatrack

    Image 6 & 7 / Room CPH Lego Storage / Fine Little Day Apple Papple Poster / Lucky Boy Sunday House Pillow / Pretzel Bedding By Kip & Co / Thrifted Wood House & Mid-Century Nightstand / Ice Cream Cone Lamp

    Image 8 / OMM Design Lion Poster / Kolor Toy Bag / Blah Blah Mini Blanket by Donna Wilson / Lucky Boy Sunday Doll / Hatschi Hangers


    Photos by Payton Fisher for fawn&forest
    Be sure to follow Molly (@mamasault)!



  • tiny tours: warren's room

    by Summer

    f&f tiny tours | warren's room

    Welcome to Warren's incredible room, son of a sweet Seattle Instagraming mom, Soo Kim.  The space is like a pint size curio cabinet happily curated with both Warren & Mama's favorites. There is so much joy - totally makes me smile!

    Be sure to follow Soo (@mamasooshi) on Instagram!
    Thx Soo!

    f&f tiny tours | warren's roomf&f tiny tours | warren's roomf&f tiny tours | warren's roomf&f tiny tours | warren's roomsoo5f&f tiny tours | warren's room

    " I wanted my son's room to be non-gender specific, fun and filled with all the things he loves especially animals! He loves anything robots & dinosaurs too. I also made a mini gallery right outside of his door where he can grab a book & read on the happy chair. I like to collect & fill his room with things that he truly loves & the little characters everywhere really livens up the room. I also added the vintage disney mickey & donald because those were his favorites as a baby. It's a space that both a child & grown ups can equally enjoy~ I think ;) "  -- Soo Kim


    Image 1 & 3 / Ferm Living Mini Triangle Wall Decals /  Miniwilla Bunny Poster / Land of Nod Cloud Garland

    Image 2 /  Kid Size Eames Chairs / Ferm Living Half Moon Basket / Lucky Boy Sunday Softies / Sunshine Rug by Bobo Choses

    Image 4 / Mini & Maximus Grow Up Poster / Rug by Bobo Choses

    Image 5 / Ferm Living Dorm Shelf / Miniwilla Panda Poster /Roxy Marj Bear Blanket (on floor)

    Image 6 / Fine Little Day Happy Sad Pillow Case  / Wall Decal by Shanna Murray

    Image 7 / Roxy Marj Poco Bear Doll / Lucky Boy Sunday Doll / Spearmint Cross Blanket

    All photos by Soo Kim for fawn&forest
    Be sure to follow Soo on Instagram at @mamasooshi

  • tiny tours: luna's room

    by Summer

    tiny tours: luna's room | f&f blog

    Welcome to Luna's sweet nursery, daughter of English Instagraming mum, blogger & designer Clara Spencer-Phillips. I'm totally in love with the grey feature wall behind Luna's crib, it adds just the perfect softness & warmth to the space, nicely offsetting the more graphic, bold elements.

    Be sure to follow Clara (@claraivy) on Instagram!
    Thx Clara!

    tiny tours: luna's room | f&f blog tiny tours: luna's room | f&f blogtiny tours: luna's room | f&f blogtiny tours: luna's room | f&f blogtiny tours: luna's room | f&f blogtiny tours: luna's room | f&f blogtiny tours: luna's room | f&f blogtiny tours: luna's room | f&f blogtiny tours: luna's room | f&f blogtiny tours: luna's room | f&f blog

    "In Luna's room I wanted grey (Pavilion Farrow & Ball of course!) walls. Pale pink and mint went so well with this but monochrome always creeps in! Hence the black and white Urban Outfitters rug and Ferm Living decals. I am a graphic designer so I am very drawn to lettering and bold prints. My daughter's name is Luna so there are a lot of moons!" -- Clara Spencer-Phillips


    Image 1 / Luna rolling around on the floor in her new Bobo Choses culottes! We adore that neon yellow Noe & Zoe sleeping bag that's draped on the crib. Love the Martin Kusche print (above the crib).


    Image 2 / - We are a bit Lucky Boy Sunday crazy over here and Sad Joe is a favourite, along with Marge from Naked Lunge, and some Jellycats, Miffy rattle and a Monki cushion.


    Image 3 /  The tassel garland was made by the very talented Amy at the Paper Emporium.


    Image 4 /  Gorgeous rabbit paper art by the talented Chloe Fleury.


    Image 5Juniper Wilde Goodnight cushion and another cloud cushion, a present.


    Image 6 / Branch hanger I made with Gap, vintage and other clothes, cute rabbit decal was an Etsy find, multi coloured diamond was made by me, Clara Ivy.


    Image 7 / Close up of branch hanger. Topshop Mini, Gap, vintage dresses.


    Image 8 / - Some of my neon handmade snoods!


    Image 9 / Card creations from Clara Ivy, Gap, Beau Loves and vintage baby clothes alongside all my old Beatrix Potter books with Ferm Living wall triangle decals - we love these!


    Image 10 / Card creations from Clara Ivy.


    Image 11Lucky Boy Sunday Pale Nulle and Studio Escargot dolls.



    You can follow Clara on Instagram.
    Also visit her blog and shop!



  • tiny tours: ludwig's room

    by Summer

    TINY TOURS: ludwig's room | f&f blog

    Welcome to Ludwig's room, son of Swedish Instagraming mom Johanna Bjelkengren. Such a bright space, I absolutely love how the color green is gently woven throughout. And the giant map of the world? Total homerun.

    You can follow Johanna (@wilwig) on Instagram here!
    Thx Johanna!


    TINY TOURS: ludwig's room | f&f blog TINY TOURS: ludwig's room | f&f blogTINY TOURS: ludwig's room | f&f blogTINY TOURS: ludwig's room | f&f blogTINY TOURS: ludwig's room | f&f blog

      "In the beginning of 2013 our family went from two people and a dog to five family members. We have the great honor of becoming parents to twin boys and  it was of course wonderful but life changing. We quickly realized that our town house was too small and started looking for a bigger house. When the boys were a little over one year old we finally moved and decided that they would get there own rooms.

    For us it is important that they would have two different rooms but equally thought of. The first thing we decided on for Ludwig's room was the world map wallpaper -- our way of saying the world is yours to discover. We hope he will love it as much as we do. The white shelf we had bought a couple of years ago as well as the dresser we found second hand and painted white just a few days before we moved.

    Most of the things on the shelf are waiting for Ludwig to be older and able to play with but some things are of course in his reach. Today the rooms is not used so much other than sleeping in and some play but we hope both boys will love there rooms and play in them for hours."
    --  Johanna Bjelkengren


    Image 1 & 6 / The wallpaper map comes from Photowall and we love it / The carpet is from the brand Brita Sweden / Green basket from IKEA  / Teddy bear from Acne jr.

    Image 2 / The wooden houses are from Mokkasin and the pocket owls and tin toys are from a store called Glad. The little green clock was a second hand buy that cost 10 SEK.

    Image 3 / A mix of owls, wooden houses and other stuff on the shelf from the brand Bruka.

    Image 4 / The little backpack from Fjällräven are waiting for the preschool start after the summer / Over the bed Ludwig's birth info is shown in this poster from Miniwilla.

    Image 5 / The chair was the boys' grandmother's when she was young and on it  is a robot pillow from Ferm living. / The drum is from Acne jr / the small chest is from Åhlens.


    All photos by Johanna Bjelkengren for fawn&forest.
    You can follow Johanna (@wilwig) on Instagram, here.


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