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We've popped in on some of our favorites - bloggers, creators, designers & crafts people - with a round of Holiday inspired questions. Happy Holidays!

Q: Most cherished Holiday memory? A: Light looking with my family. We would get all bundled up and cram into the back of my parent's station wagon with my sister. We'd sip hot cocoa from a thermos and every 10 minutes my dad would start shouting "black ice! black ice!" as we slide around in the back of the car and break out into laugher. I am sure not very safe, but I loved it.

Q: Favorite Holiday tradition? A: Getting a real Christmas tree and decorating it over boozy egg nog and snacks.

Q: Number 1 go-to Holiday recipe? A: Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Hazelnuts. Here


Q: Most cherished Holiday memory? A: I couldn't really think of a cherished moment, but our funniest holiday memory was when Ever was 4. She started hiding all her favorite toys on Christmas Eve because she was quote, "...afraid that big chubby man would take them." It was then that we realized maybe we didn't explain very well how the whole Santa thing works!

Q: Favorite Holiday tradition? A: Our favorite Holiday tradition is to have a big birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve. We read the story of His birth and then we celebrate Him with a birthday cake and all!

Q: Number 1 go-to Holiday recipe? A: Rack of Lamb, Spinach and Parsnip Puree (I prefer the subtle sweetness of the Parsnip over Turnips so I just swap them out!) Here

goatmilk goatmilk

Q: Most cherished Holiday memory? A: A huge snowstorm back in the 70's in New York. Forced to tay buried under snow for a couple days. No one went to work. My Dad would make a snow drift for me to slide down on. The simplest of memories are the ones you keep with you, isn't it.

Q: Favorite Holiday tradition? A: Making homemade stockings with the kids. They come up with the most interesting things.

Q: Number 1 go-to Holiday Recipe? A: A Roast Pork. Prep the day before and prepare with roasted new potatoes and brussel sprouts. Easy and delicious. Cook more than you need and have left overs. Here