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essential homemade stain remover


I think one of the most challenging aspects of having a thoughtfully simple (limited) wardrobe for our family is caring for stains — right? After investing into (or making) such essentials the most dreadful thing to happen is a messy stain to ruin it all.

After much failure, I've landed on a homemade solution that has worked well for us — hydrogen peroxide mixed with a big squeeze of natural dish soap stored in a amber bottle (as hydrogen peroxide loses its properties when exposed.) A quick spray on any stains & muck marks right as it goes into the laundry basket quickly addresses any issues while still being gentle enough on fabric such as merino wool. I am still stumped by set in banana stains and chocolate on wool but this simple, inexpensive solution has worked well to keep most every other stain from setting in.

It's sort of old fashion to put value in taking care of my family's wardrobe, but it's a skill I have enjoyed learning. #fewerbetterthings

For variations on this simple homemade stain remover, be sure to read all the comments on my instagram post

My favorite merino wool tees by Chasing Windmills, pointelle tank by Goat-Milk & Wayda Scarf (more in stock soon!)

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