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Kinship Family Journal

Kinship Family Journal

Kinship Family Journal

I'm excited to share with you a project we've been working on this year, one that's close to my heart — the KINSHIP FAMILY JOURNAL.

The Kinship Family Journal is modeled after the collaborative family journal I created for my own family to document our family story. I originally divided the blank journal into months in which in we would draw & write about all the ordinary moments of our life together — the seasons and firsts, celebrations and projects and even books we've read, the weather and favorite recipes.

There is a certain authenticity captured when each member of the family contributes, the intricate details of time that could never be captured in a photo. It's incredibly special. 

We created The Kinship Family Journal so that every family can experience the same deep connections to each other and the world around them, document their family story and weave a beautiful family heritage.

We will be launching the Kinship Family Journal on Kickstarter in November! 

For more information, details on the launch & special discounted pricing for early backers be sure to sign up, HERE!
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