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When it comes to your babies room you deserve original, unique furniture designs made from the highest quality, natural materials available on the market

Baby Furniture Built to Last: Luxury Nursery Furniture

Nursery furniture, by definition, is temporary furniture. Your baby will outgrow it (rather quickly in the grand scheme of things), and you’ll be upgrading your child’s room in a short span of time. But just because your little one only spends a few years in their nursery doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality with their furniture. 

Finding brands that avoid short-lived trending styles and instead focus on craftsmanship and classic designs is essential. The right piece can help you make your child’s nursery into a haven they feel safe and comfortable in, no matter their age.

At fawn&forest, we collect the highest-quality pieces from brands that care. Learn which essentials your nursery needs and discover brands that can deliver on them.

Luxury Essentials for Your Nursery

Decorating your baby’s room with durable, beautiful, and luxurious furniture is more than just interior design. It’s giving care and attention to the space your child will spend most of their time in for the first few years of life. You might have been gifted most of the supplies you need during your baby shower, but deciding on the right nursery furniture can be more of a lift. 

So what essentials should you include in your baby’s room? Here are our suggestions for how to build a place of comfort:

Baby Cribs for Sweet Dreams

Your little one will go from bassinet to toddler bed or daybed in the blink of an eye, and ensuring they’re cradled in a safe, soft space makes bedtime easy at any stage. Deciding which luxury baby bed to buy will depend on whether you want a piece that transitions with your baby or one that fits them only during a specific age. Convertible cribs, such as 4-in-1 convertible cribs or cribs that use conversion kits, let you stick with one piece throughout their childhood, changing only their crib mattress and crib bedding.

Seating for Stories and Cuddles

Your baby’s nursery isn’t just a place for sleep. It’s a space for you to make memories together, develop their love of reading, and more. Classic rocking chairs and rockers, modern gliders and swivel chairs, and recliners can help you create that haven of comfort for you and your little one. Go for seating that fits your decor but also offers a durable design, exceptional luxury, and convenience. 

Extras for Care and Comfort

Along with all the essentials you need for outside the nursery, like strollers, car seats, and baby clothes, a few additions to the room can bring it together. Practical supplies like changing tables or changers and storage can be just as luxe and high-end as your crib. A mid-century modern bookcase can offer an aesthetic place to store books for your future reader. Adding a well-placed table can give you all the space you need to display art, set up an area for creative activities, or add a little extra storage. Whatever you choose for your design, make sure you find pieces that will contribute to your aesthetic and deliver functionality for years to come.

Brands at the Intersection of Cutting Edge and Ultra-Chic Luxury Furniture

At fawn&forest, we strive to find modern brands offering sustainable styles and beautiful designs to give you a collection of the best nursery furniture

Brands like Nursery Works aim to bring high design into the nursery for the ultra-chic parent. The designers at Nursery Works collaborate with highly skilled American craftspeople to build each piece. By making their products in low production runs, they can use methods and materials that would be unavailable in typical mass production. For instance, many of their solid wood cribs are bench-made in small local shops in the United States.

You’ll also find nursery furniture from brands like Oeuf, Babyletto, and Million Dollar Baby, each chosen for their dedication to quality craftsmanship. These brands offer only the best-in-class nursery furniture that will make your baby’s room look one of a kind and ensure their healthy, happy growth.

Timeless Styles from fawn&forest

Are you looking to decorate your child’s nursery with style, safety, and sustainability in mind? When choosing furniture for your baby’s nursery, you deserve original, unique furniture designs made from the highest quality, natural materials available on the market. Explore our catalog of best sellers, sustainably-sourced items, and thoughtfully-designed pieces built to last. You’ll find Greenguard Gold-certified cribs and crib essentials, hits from your favorite brands, and unique aesthetics you won’t see elsewhere, all chosen to support and encourage your child’s safe sleep and healthy development.

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