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My Favorite Cups for Small Children


My favorite cups for small children — essentials for a clutter free cupboard!

I prefer open cups and not a single sippy cup unless we're out & about. Given the chance, small children (as young as 9 months) are quite capable of drinking out of a cup without spilling, given a bit of practice & starting with a small amount of water. There's a lot of Montessori thought behind this that I appreciate but even more, not being afraid as a mother to allow my children the space to learn something for themselves — it opens up a lot of respect & trust between mother & child.

Small glasses & even shot glasses work well for small children (which ensued much laughter with my first son 11 years ago!) but I've found having a "cup of one's own" reiterates that respect.

Heirloom Pewter Cup
Currently my daughter Lucy, age 2 uses the small pewter cup — it's a bit pricy but if you add up the cost on all the plastic sippys one would use over the course of time, it ends up being a good chunk of change and a lot of ugly clutter. The Pewter Duck Cup is Lucy's only everyday cup & worth the heirloom price point.

Ceramic Animal Cup
For tea & such the ceramic cup is indispensable. It can break of course but has been another opportunity for learning & respect.

Klean Kanteen
For outside & away from home, Klean Kanteen is my favorite, it's a workhorse & made of stainless steel with replaceable tops (no yucky straws). We will be adding Klean Kanteen to the shop soon along with french Duralex, a shatter resistant favorite!


These essentials are available in the shop, HERE!

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