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Simple Decor for Babies Nursery

Simple Decor for Babies Nursery

Choosing the decor for a baby’s nursery generally starts with choosing a color scheme, deciding on a nursery theme (or choosing to forgo the theme altogether) and deciding what type of decorations and art you want to include. Browsing quality baby nursery art and decor is a great place to start when deciding how to decorate a nursery. 

Start With a Color And/Or Theme 

Animals, nature, sea life, and the alphabet are just a handful of themes that people consider when they are choosing decor for babies’ nursery. Starting with a color scheme or theme will make it easier for you to narrow down favorites when looking for art for a nursery wall or rugs for the nursery floor

Color schemes can be happy and bright, calming pastels, an eccentric mix, or contrasting colors for brain development. The colors and theme that you choose should be pleasing to the eye, create a sense of peace for you and baby, and make you smile. If you achieve those essentials, you’re off to a great start in decorating your baby’s nursery.

Baby Nursery Art and Decor

The space that you create for a baby is a space that they will spend time in, exploring the world around them. For babies, it starts with their eyes so choose eye-catching decor and art that inspires creativity. At fawn+forest, our
art and decor are sustainability sourced so you can rest in the knowledge that you truly are providing the best for your baby. From what you choose to hang on the walls to the mobile above their crib, the decor in the baby room is an integral part of babies’ development. Choose items that add to the style and don’t appear to clutter a space. You also want to choose items that can grow with baby. Take this
Ferm Living ABC Wallhanging Art as an example. A perfect decor item for a nursery, but also great for a toddler learning the alphabet a couple of years down the road. 










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