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Summer Robertson

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children living countryside in a tiny home with my sweet family. We founded fawn&forest in 2007 with an intention of creating a shop that reflects our love for living simply with children.


welcome, november

by Ahead Works

The month of November always holds such meaningful and sweet memories for me, a month I always look forward to. It's the month I became a mother & the birth of my first son, the month my husband and i married all those years ago ... the grand kick off to the year's final celebrations. Plus, endless soups and evenings of beeswax candles, spiced apple cider and all the pie you could ever really wish for. 

My daughter, Lucy at the patch. I love linen for myself and it's even better for children. It can withstand the muddiest play and doesn't mind being wrinkled. I've stocked the shop with the loveliest linens from Tortoise & the Hare, be sure to have a look.

black linen alice dress
goat-milk striped tights
furry rabbit ear bonnet

hello summer!

by Summer Robertson

summertime summertime | fawn&forest

It's starting to feel as though we've lived in Yamhill, Oregon forever but we moved into the little house just less than a month ago. The house is tiny (literally, a mere 160 square feet plus a loft for the kids' sleeping area) but the land is magnificent, 20 acres in the heart of Oregon Wine country. Our home is at the top of a gentle ridge with rolling hills, hundred year old oak trees and valley views abound! All the fresh air and endless projects is just what my family needed and we have fully embraced the dramatic change in our life. 

And amongst those endless projects, settling into the little house (for now, a proper farmhouse is to come!) and making ourselves at home on our land, we do have a few things on our summer to-do list. 


  • We are currently in the middle of Swiss Family Robinson, such a perfect book to set the tone for fearlessness and adventure!

  • I found the complete collection of Beatrix Potter's stories, all 22 little books and those amazing illustrations, we can't wait to dig in. 


  • Plant a herb and flower garden. We're a bit late to plant a summer garden this year. We may get around to a winter plot but in the meantime the kids and i started a handful of plants including white swan echinacea, calendula and arnica. I love the interesting seed selection from Mountain Rose Herbs.

  • Work in our field journals - paint, sketch and collect! This will inspire you.

  • Foraging. Our property is filled with treasures. We're identifying which trees produce what, where the best blackberries and truffles are and how to harvest those hazelnuts! This book peaks my interest, so much to learn.

  • A rope swings for the kids! We have a grove of ancient Oregon White Oaks where it's thought the first homestead site was. We've put up a few hammock chairs for mom & dad but a few rope swings for the kids is in order.  


  • A visit to the Oregon coast, our middle son's 8th birthday request! It's only an hour away and makes for a beautiful day.

  • We live in the heart of Oregon's Wine Country. Countless vineyards growing Pinot Noir dot the countryside and I'm convinced there is no place more beautiful place that this. We visit vineyards regularly, a few favorites are Willakenzie (child friendly and the estate is lovely), Eyrie (Oregon's first vineyard and such a treasure) and Argyle (a fun spot in Dundee with the most amazing sparkling wine)

  • A relaxing Saturday morning brunch / Valley Commissary & coffee / Flag&Wire ... 


I'll save our list of summer projects and recipes to share on another day. Have a wonderful weekend filled with intention and love.

/ Lucy is wearing a Briar Handmade Bonnet in Ivory Linen and the sweetest white Pointelle onepiece by Goat-Milk.



wooden animals

by Summer Robertson

Nothing quite beats wooden animals that don't make a peep other than out of the imagination of your child! Plus, have you noticed that little hands like to hold little things? My favorite European made wooden animals are available here.

Your children will likely need no prompts to play, but I love this idea of adding wool felt elements to the scene.

free gift! heirloom flower seeds

by Summer Robertson

free gift! heirloom flower seeds at f&f

Starting today, a free gift for all our wonderful customers! A pack of heirloom flower seeds by Botanical Interests, free with every purchase. Just for fun, because it's spring & flowers are irresistible! Growing flowers with our children is a joy no matter where you live!

For all the details, click here.
That cute bunny is also available, here.

baby & babies

by Summer Robertson

Her brothers are outside building forts, rounding up the goats and finding secrets plots in the forest. While I imagine she'd love to be out with them (soon enough little girl!) for now she's inside kissing her new babies and playing with my candlesticks. Loads of new goodies, including these babies, that crocheted mushroom rattle and the sippy cup mason jar topper will be on the NEW f&f ... just a few more weeks...

the wind in the willows

by Summer Robertson

Reading to my children is the dearest part of my day. Right now we're deep in The Wind in the Willows, so beautifully descriptive ... Lucy, always grabbing ... & her favorite wood rattle close at hand.

Shop | Wood Rattle & Sheepskin Rug


Summer Robertson

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children living countryside in a tiny home with my sweet family. We founded fawn&forest in 2007 with an intention of creating a shop that reflects our love for living simply with children.

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