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f&f Family Journal

Summer Robertson

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children living countryside in a tiny home with my sweet family. We founded fawn&forest in 2007 with an intention of creating a shop that reflects our love for living simply with children.


a sweet little sale

by Summer Robertson

a sweet little sale | fawn&forest


Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends!

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Sale ends Monday, February 12th.

Some brands are excluded including Stokke, Oeuf, Babyletto, Bumbleride, Monte & Naturepedic. Cannot be combined with rewards discounts.

my weekly gatherings

by Summer Robertson

A gathering of things that I have been reading, doing & making. 

Ginger kombucha (pregnancy) mocktail would make you feel extra special then and would be a delight after baby is born. 

Wool acorns are an Autumn decoration that has more longevity than the whole lot of most fall decor and is a fun project to do in the company of children. 

> If you follow Katrien on Instagram you'll find this interview lovely and inspiring. You can follow along with her beautiful life in the Italian countryside with her family, here!

> & if it's something your babe deals with, i found these natural solutions to sooth and deal with baby constipation very helpful. 



    a peek into our fawn&forest life

    by Summer Robertson

    You can take a peek into our fawn&forest life (with a few motherly sentiments added in for good measure) by following along with us on Instagram, @fawnandforest

    As I shared in my last entry, my husband and I recently bought 20 acres in the heart of Oregon Wine Country just outside of the tiny little town of Yamhill. And though there are plans of building the perfect farmhouse in the coming year, we're enjoying the little house life right now. Literally. Our home is 160 square feet, a little home on the hill and we're loving every moment of it with our 4 children (3 boys and a baby girl), 2 Dwarf Nigerian goats, 11 Swedish Blue Ducks and 18 hens, a rooster, 2 barn cats and our trusty ol' German Shorthair Pointer pup of 12 years. Next? The family milk cow, a Jersey as soon as the barn is built. 

    And what I shared on our About Us page rings so sincere, I wanted to share it here... 

    As our family has settled into country life these past few years it has deeply impacted us. The sweet connection to nature and seasons, but also the respect for heritage and intention, for family and real meaning.  As shop owners, we've grown dissatisfied with the hustle of trying to pawn off the trendy new whatever, such a fragile race to run with fleeting value!  The new f&f is a reflection of our love for living simply with children.  You do not need much, but what you do have should be with intention and of lasting quality.

    That is us, that is fawn&forest, true and authentic in a nutshell.
    For daily peeks, just follow along on our adventure.... 


    for you, a sale. happy mother's day

    by Summer Robertson

    Happy Mother's Day!

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    For details, click here.

    Sale ends Friday, May 13th. Midnight pst. 




    a mother's arms

    by Summer Robertson


    A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.
    -Victor Hugo

    There is the common motherhood sentiment that time needs to slow down. Time feels like a thief and how does one arrest it, if only to slow it down? So desperate are we to soak up all these moments, to enjoy the time that feels so fleeting. 

    Just hold them, that is the answer. 

    In a mother's arms is tenderness and rest, understanding and grace. You will never regret holding your child too much, too often, so close and sweet. Forever you will have the way your child feels in your arms engraved on your heart. So much satisfaction and fulfillment comes from simply embracing all the moments. 

    Your arms are made of tenderness.
    Happiest Mother's Day to you. 

    ps. The youngest of my four children, my daughter Lucy & I. You can read more, here

    enjoy your laundry

    by Summer Robertson

    I will not kid, every day is laundry day. But Mondays, a necessity. I stopped chucking all the clothes in the washer in haste and have spent some time right-siding things lately, checking for stains & in pockets as I gather loads of wash. A bit of thoughtfulness adds joy and folding suddenly comes with ease ...

    More on Instagram @fawnandforest


    Summer Robertson

    I am a mother of 4 beautiful children living countryside in a tiny home with my sweet family. We founded fawn&forest in 2007 with an intention of creating a shop that reflects our love for living simply with children.

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