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our simple homemade yogurt

by Summer Robertson

I've gotten back into the habit of making yogurt for the family. We end up eating a lot of it and instead of making 1 big batch (which doesn't go very far in a big family like ours) I started making 1 glass bottle for each of us at a time.

Homemade yogurt is incredibly nourishing and I am loving the heirloom variety starter that I use which doesn't require heat for it to do its thing — I simply add a bit of yogurt starter to the milk (I use non-homogenized whole milk from a local dairy) and shake, then leave the yogurt to culture on the counter for up to 24 hours, refrigerate & then sweeten with raw honey. It ends up a bit thinner like kefir and is drinkable which we all love.

It's as simple as that!

You can make yogurt in any glass jar, but we love these glass milk bottles (available in the shop soooon!) and this yogurt starter by Cultures For Health.

Cultures for Health is an amazing resource for homemade yogurt making and sell fantastic yogurt starters as well. 


teething tips

by Summer Robertson

teething tips | f&f journal

Despite Lucy's sweet nature, this last round of teething was quite rough and sent me on a search for some new teething-relief ideas. Nothing breaks a mama's heart more than a miserable feeling baby. 

Frozen Washcloths
I was reminded through this article the wonders of a frozen washcloth. So simple and yet so effective! I gathered & folded a few flannel cotton baby washcloths, soaked them in water (chamomile tea would also work great!) and popped them in the freezer. The cloths freeze quickly and are perfect for those little fingers to hold, soothing those sore gums.

Essential Oils
Creating a baby-safe essential oil blend to rub on the jawline is certainly new & intriguing to me. I found the details of the Jawline EO Teething blend here. As a quick alternative, I pulled out Root & Coco's Calm for Kids. It has a similar blend of chamomile and lavender, minus the sweet orange but with the addition of marjoram (which is said to bring relaxation & relief) and thought it was worth a try. Lucy willingly let me rub her jawline which was so much more peaceful than trying to rub anything on those sore gums, how baby hates that!

It totally helped! Sweet relief! Not only does the scent bring a gentle relaxation, the essential oils soak into the skin bringing relief to the jawline. After a couple sleepless nights this relief was welcome for both her & I. 

My favorite cotton flannel washcloths.
Root & Coco's Calm for Kids essential oil blend.



baby food in glass jars

by Summer Robertson

All of my babes started on solids a bit late but lucy is by far the latest & still not totally sold. Bananas yes, pears maybe. I've found these mini Weck jars to be absolutely perfect for small amounts of purée or tiny chunks. Have you noticed how yucked up plastic gets? Tempered glass rarely breaks and stays pretty ...