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f&f Family Journal

tip sheet

welcome to the tip sheet

by Summer Robertson

The pace & tone I've set for fawn&forest is one that is a natural extension of my own life.

My desire is to share my love of living simply with our children which sometimes has to do with a heirloom baby hairbrush or merino wool sleeper but often times not. It's the stories shared that inspire family rhythm and encourage us in motherhood, to experience life more intentionally. It's this very sentiment that inspired us with the idea of a weekly Tip Sheet, a nugget of wisdom and inspiration for the week, a gentle nudge and a hand of comfort for this season of motherhood.

You can sign up for the Tip Sheet here and of course join in on the conversation on Instagram at @fawnandforest.

I would love connect with you, feel welcome to send me a note at with your thoughts, inspirations and tips that make your life of intention and motherhood beautiful.