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f&f Family Journal

Kinship Family Journal

by Summer Robertson

Kinship Family Journal

I'm excited to share with you a project we've been working on this year, one that's close to my heart — the KINSHIP FAMILY JOURNAL.

The Kinship Family Journal is modeled after the collaborative family journal I created for my own family to document our family story. I originally divided the blank journal into months in which in we would draw & write about all the ordinary moments of our life together — the seasons and firsts, celebrations and projects and even books we've read, the weather and favorite recipes.

There is a certain authenticity captured when each member of the family contributes, the intricate details of time that could never be captured in a photo. It's incredibly special. 

We created The Kinship Family Journal so that every family can experience the same deep connections to each other and the world around them, document their family story and weave a beautiful family heritage.

We will be launching the Kinship Family Journal on Kickstarter in November! 

For more information, details on the launch & special discounted pricing for early backers be sure to sign up, HERE!

Get outside!

by Summer Robertson

get outside! fawn&forest


Get outside & enjoy the final days of Summer!

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by Summer Robertson

fawn&forest heritage

Happy 1st day of Summer!
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I shared a moment of the everyday heritage that I pass onto my children on Instagram recently. It resonated with so many that I couldn't resist sharing with you as well. 

"Wheat Coffee" — my grandma used to make my brother and I "weak" coffee when we were little (somehow translated to wheat coffee and well, it stuck). I thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world, coffee! She would pour a cup full of milk and dribble just a tiny bit of coffee in, just enough to lend some faint color & taste. We would sit and drink it sooooo slowly with her. —

To capture all the wonderful parts of our childhood, the unlikely rituals & traditions for our own children is heritage. Heritage doesn't have to be extraordinary, just meaningful. — My own children love wheat coffee made of a bit of Dad's leftover coffee, shaken cold with milk and has nicely replaced our warm tea during our morning reading time. #lessonslearnedfromgrandma ...

And the comments are just as wonderful! As it turns out, so many of us shared the same special moment drinking coffee as a child, more here!

memorial day sale

by Summer Robertson

"Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it.
It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it."

- Unknown

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Love to the Mamas

by Summer Robertson

spring at fawn&forest


“Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face” 
― George Eliot

Mother's Day is one of our favorite days of the year, naturally.
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Welcome Spring! 10% off Sale

by Summer Robertson

“That is one good thing about this world...there are always sure to be more springs.” 
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

Happiest 1st day of Spring! 


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Nurturing Spaces —Preview

by Summer Robertson

Nurturing Spaces Challenge — fawn&forestNurturing Spaces Challenge — fawn&forest


If you have not signed up, please do so here!
Starts Monday March 12th

I would first like to share a powerful tool that we can start today before we really dig in — Observation. When we take moments throughout the day to observe our children we can gain insight into how we can nurture the whole child. 

Observe your child at play.
Where does your child tend to play? 
Where is he happiest?
What deeply interests your child?

Where is she most comfortable, peaceful, imaginative? 
Does the day naturally lend it self to quiet time, loud & energetic time, time spent outdoors? 
Do your children feel frustrated at any point during / after play? 

Over the course of a few days I observed my four children, jotting down notes about each. For an even closer view of my notes, click HERE.

Take this week to jot down your own notes & observations of your children at play. We'll be using these notes when we start the challenge next week. 

While we will have our technical issues fixed quite soon, I would like to start the Nurturing Spaces Challenge this next Monday, March 12th  Mondays always offer a fresh start! 



Nurturing Spaces Challenge

by Summer Robertson

Nurturing Spaces Challenge — fawn&forest

NURTURING SPACES CHALLENGE — Learn how to create clutter free spaces that nurtures the imagination and well being of your children.

This 5 day challenge will not only help you gain control over the clutter, mess & mayhem but will inspire you to create that ideal, beautifully nurturing space for your children that you envision.

+   How to effectively assess the mess & understand your children's needs
+   My favorite method for gathering, sorting & purging excess.
+   Tips for cleaning & simplifying your space.
+   Inspiring ideas on how to follow your children's cues to create nurturing spaces they need.
+   How to keep the space tidy, the imagination flowing & the magic of childhood growing.

    Sign up now!


    by Summer Robertson

    Compassion | fawn&forest

    COMPASSION — My son has teachers that cannot speak nor write nor communicate beyond their body language & reactions.

    I was recently reading a father's perspective on the value of raising his children with livestock. How keeping animals has taught his children compassion, sensitivity, selflessness, hard work, satisfaction, intuition, trust, fearlessness, gentleness & strength. These are the deep qualities of character that cannot be taught but developed by, as the writer said, teachers that cannot speak nor write nor communicate.

    My children's best teachers have been chickens & pigs & goats and little kittens who have given as much to my children as my children have given to them in both stewardship & love.

    Connecting with our Children

    by Summer Robertson

     Connecting with our Children | fawn&forest

    CONNECTING with our children — When I was little I would leave a note for my grandma to find right before I left her house and she would secretly hide one for me to find, usually tucked in my books or toys. We would write to each other often in between visits — real letters! I loved reading her cursive and was recently thinking how significant it is to "secretly" connect with our children.

    It often seems I don't have enough hours in the week to spend that beloved quality time alone with each of my children but I have found over the years that these little written admirations passed back & forth connects & satisfies us in much the same, quiet way.

    This year I have have started a journal between me & each of my children to write and draw our love for each other ... We are using a large cashier Moleskine notebook but anything will do.

    I make sure to write clearly and always end my note with a question so my children have an inspired start in their note back to me. I also include cute drawings and plenty of inside jokes. If your children are younger and not yet able to write, simply create drawings for each other which tends to communicate beautifully. 

    Writing back & forth between with children must have an element of wonder & curiosity. Isn't it exciting to get a letter? Sometimes my children & I forget to reply and tend to gently remind each other with a new note in the journal or a nudge but it is never a forced activity with expectations. If you have a hesitant writer (a child that is just learning or otherwise struggles with it) extend understanding & gentleness. This journal between your child & you is a place that nurtures trust and encouragement.  

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