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Lots of work goes into prepping your home for a new family member, but decorating the nursery is one of the most enjoyable activities. There’s something cathartic about carving out a special space for your newborn, from picking a color theme to purchasing a crib. Every detail feels important, especially wall art because it plays a big role in setting the tone of the entire space. It’s easy to resort to shopping for baby nursery decor at the same stores as everyone else, but then you risk ending up with the same wall art as everyone else.

Putting something on the wall or decor in the room is a necessary to-do in your babe's nursery or child's room. But not just anything can be put up, after all. Your child's room is a place of creativity and tenderness that thoughtfully tells the sweet story of your love for them and your adventures together.

Our collection of quality baby nursery art and decor was chosen to mix in nicely with the treasures you already have and be an heirloom for the future. All pieces are quality made and sustainably produced.

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