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Babywearing – the act of wearing or carrying your baby with the help of a special carrier – has been around for centuries. From Nomadic people to families in Africa, Mexico, and many other parts of the world, this old tradition carries on. That’s because babywearing provides the best of both worlds – a loving way to hold your baby and the convenience of hands-free parenting.

There are many reasons that babywearing can be appealing to those caring for a little one. Babywearing has been shown to reduce crying, especially in the evening hours. And, when babies spend less time crying, they spend more time learning and interacting with their environment. Having them close can enhance learning and cognitive development since they are watching and listening to you constantly.

Once you decide you want to baby wear, you then have to choose which type of carrier is right for you and your baby. Wraps are a single long piece of stretch fabric you can configure and tie around your body to create a carrier. Slings are a wide piece of fabric that goes over one shoulder and across the torso. Structured carriers are more like a backpack with shoulder straps and a padded carrying pack.

At fawn&forest, we chose our babywearing collection with your personal preference and safety in mind. With some trial and error, you will soon discover if you prefer an adjustable linen ring sling, a versatile baby wrap, or the utility of a back/chest carrier.

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