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It's a big deal to graduate from a crib to a big kid bed. Moving your little one is a huge transition that can be influenced by a number of factors – climbing out of the crib, new baby on the way, etc.

Many parents worry about trying to find the right bed. There are numerous aspects to consider when shopping for modern kids’ beds and furniture.  First is size. A twin bed is ideal for smaller rooms and spaces. If you are concerned about safety, a toddler bed with guard rails adds additional security. For kids who are a little older and sleep through the night, look for a loft-bed that gives them a bird’s eye view.

Our contemporary kids’ beds and furniture will take your little one all the way through childhood providing a safe, comfortable place to rest, with style and longevity. We have chosen modern kids’ beds and furniture from brands that offer the highest quality furnishings while using sustainable materials to ensure that your baby is safe and secure.

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