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It might not seem like newborns do much aside from eating and sleeping for the first few months of life – but they are actively learning all about the world around them using their five senses. You already give those senses a workout every time you and your baby interact, but certain toys are designed to give your baby an additional boost.

Mobiles are not just a fun design touch for nurseries. They can be beneficial for your baby too. During their first months of life, babies are attracted to bold and contrasting colors, which makes mobiles ideal for visual development. Mobiles come in three basic designs: they clip onto the side rails of the crib, attach to their car seat or stroller, or dangle from the ceiling.

Our beautiful collection of modern crib mobiles was chosen for their intriguing designs and quality materials of wood, felt, cotton and paper. All our modern baby mobiles are made for longevity and are sustainably produced.

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