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Organic Mattress

Choosing a highly rated mattress for your child is an important decision. Babies sleep upwards of 10-20 hours a day and nap well into the toddler years. The last thing you want is for them to breathe in and absorb toxins present in their mattress. Organic mattresses reduce chemical exposure and are made with as many natural materials as possible.

At fawn&forest, we are against your baby inhaling harmful chemicals when they sleep and, because of that, we work with amazing organic mattress manufacturers who are dedicated to clean sleep for your child, no matter what age. The Oeuf Pure and Simple Organic Crib Mattress has a soft side for the infant stage and a firm side that is recommended for toddlers. The Nook Pebble Organic Twin Mattress is dual layered with certified non-toxic foam to provide superior comfort and support. Naturepedic wins the love of parents and doctors with their Verse Organic Full-Size Mattress.

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