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Pacifiers & Teethers

Babies have a natural need to suck. Pacifiers satisfy their needs and soothe their emotions. Apart from that, pacifiers also help babies learn nasal breathing. Unlike the nose, the mouth is not able to filter or humidify air, which means dust and infections can enter the mouth, affecting babiesimmunity.

Another inevitable part of babyhood is teething. It is a painful process for parent and baby. Teethers are a must-have for every baby. Theyre soothing, comforting, entertaining, and help little mouths develop in strength and size. Normally, you might not want your baby to put things in his or her mouth, but teething toys are designed to be safe for chewing and gnawing under supervision.

The modern pacifiers and infant teething toys in our collection were chosen for their durability, longevity, and quality materials. At fawn&forest, we carry popular brands like BIBS, Madeline’s Box, and Eco Piggy.

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