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It is essential for babies and children to be comfortable and aptly dressed for sleep. And, as parents learn more about the health warnings and environmental effects caused by the textile industry, they want cleaner and safer products for their little ones.

From the day you bring your baby home, you’re probably wondering what to dress them in for a good night’s sleep. Many parents opt for a sleep bag/sack because of the numerous benefits they have for young babies. They provide a sense of security that mimics the mother’s womb and helps maintain the correct body temperature without the risk of overheating that is commonly seen with blankets.

Once you get past the fourth trimester, you might start looking at other sleepwear options for your baby, including footie pajamas. Besides being a great option for cold winter months, sleepers also reduce the risk of suffocation that can be caused by looser-fitting pajamas. 

At fawn&forest, our collection of baby and toddler sleepwear was chosen with the environmentally-conscious in mind.  Comfort and fabric weight must be simply perfect to provide the right amount of warmth and our fine merino wool and organic cotton fit the bill perfectly.

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