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About fawn&forest (our little family company)

Our roots are what led us to fawn&forest.

We believe in the value of family, the beauty of nature, and the wholesome joy that can be found in simple living. We are both from true rural beginnings, originating in the heart of Montana. Although I've lived across the pond in England, deep in the southwest on the Mexican border in New Mexico, and in the lush cornfields of Minnesota, plus many places in between, I have found one thing to remain true: I am in complete awe of my natural surroundings and find inspiration in a wholesome lifestyle. My husband, Whit, and I have shared many adventures in these wonderful places, but our acquiring of fawn&forest in the Summer of 2019 has been one of our greatest adventures yet. This new chapter was made possible with the help and encouragement of Whit's uncle, Scott, who was a solid foundation for us for to lean on as we got started. Taking the leap into this new realm was also inspired by the burning desire for the independence that comes with self-employment. While I was teaching at the local elementary school for the past three years, we have embraced the homesteading lifestyle and believe in the value of organic living. We were beyond grateful to be able to move back home to Montana in the summer of 2020.

To top off a crazy year, we were thrilled to welcome our first baby boy into our family on December 8, 2020. Woodrow Taten has certainly opened our eyes to the beautiful world of parenthood and captures our hearts with every little smile. He has truly given us a new sense of purpose.

We hope you find as much joy in fawn&forest as we do, we're glad you're along for the journey.

xxKari & Whitxx



A Message from the Founders

As our family has settled into country life these past few years it has deeply impacted us. The sweet connection to nature and seasons, but also the respect for heritage and intention, for family and real meaning.  As the original shop owners, we had grown dissatisfied with the hustle of trying to pawn off the trendy new whatever, such a fragile race to run with fleeting value!  The new f&f is a reflection of our love for living simply with children.  You do not need much, but what you do have should be with intention and of lasting quality.

fawn&forest was established in 2007.

<3 Summer & Danny