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The World's 1st Collaborative Family Journal

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Every family has a story to tell

The Kinship Family Journal will guide you through 12 months of life together with an emphasis on recording what your family has done, observing the world around you, and connecting to each other as you experience life as a family. With the help of everyone in the family, you'll create an true family story that will be treasured for generations.

Document your life together as a family

The Kinship Family Journal is the world's first collaborative family journal. It allows your entire family to document the everyday moments of your life together, creating an authentic family story.
kinship family journal

A collaborative family journal

The simplicity of documenting your life together will blossom into a truly authentic, collaborative project involving every member of the family. Through writing and drawing, each family member documents ordinary moments to build your family story.

A truly authentic family story

The Kinship Family Journal captures your family's story through the perspective of each family member. As each family member participates in documenting your life together a unique family story will emerge told by the entire family. You'll create an authentic family story and a coveted family heirloom that your children are sure to fight over when you're gone.

What's inside the Kinship Family Journal?

The Kinship Family Journal guides you through 12 months of life together. We've included two very simple but effective ways of recording your family story Monthly calendars, and open pages with thought provoking prompts.

kinship family journal calendar page

Monthly calendar pages

Most calendars are made for planning, but the Kinship Family Journal calendar is made for recording. The monthly calendars offer plenty of open space to document with a birds eye view of each month. Recording weather, family events, and the first snowman of the year develops a sense of rhythm, time and place and are a joy to look back on. The calendars are undated so you can start your family journal right now!
kinship family journal monthly prompts

Open pages with prompts

Following each monthly calendar are ten open pages with prompts. These prompts guide you through documenting your life together with an emphasis on recording what your family has done, observations of the world around you, and the connections you form with each other.

Some prompts are repeated each month to help you record special moments like; Places we went, things we did, weather observations, and more....

We also add a few unique prompts each month that create fun ways of interacting and capturing each family members personality, including; Self portraits, draw "A day in the life of...", what are you grateful for, and more...


Beautiful linen wrapped hardcover

Clean minimal design

Oversized, allowing lots of room for each family member to draw and write

Sturdy acid free paper suitable for writing and drawing

Lay flat design

Book ribbon to mark your current month

Create deeper family connections

Something magical happens as we become aware of life's extraordinary ordinary moments. We become more mindful, grateful, and connected as we record and share memories about what we did, what was special and what was funny. You'll love flipping through the pages with your children, recalling memories, and chatting over the tiny (and big) moments of your life together. Deeper connections will develop, both within your family, and to the world around you as you document your life together.
kinship family journal writing and drawing

Capture every moment

By taking the time to document all the ordinary moments that fill our everyday life, we build an authentic record of our life together, and moment by moment, we are writing our family story.
kinship family journal kickstarter

Help bring this project to life

Help families all over the world document their true family story with the Kinship Family Journal. By backing this project you'll help bring this project to life, and give others the opportunity to capture their family story, create deeper connections as a family and to the world around them.

We'll be announcing details on the campaign start date and early bird pricing soon, so if you're excited to get your hands on a copy of our first printing, sign up! If this project comes to life, you'll receive your copy before the holidays!

The story behind the Kinship Family Journal

The idea for the Kinship Family Journal started with a simple desire to document our life as a family. We had just purchased 20 acres in the countryside outside of Portland, Oregon, and found ourselves living a whole new life on the land. At the time, our four children were all under the age of 10, and I recognized that this was the moment to write our family story as we lived it out. But how?

I purchased a jumbo sketch journal. Not quite knowing how to start, I began by drawing a simple calendar that spanned two pages. I then left the journal open on a table with some sharpened pencils and a brand new set of colored pencils. It took a bit of leading by example for my children to get what their mama was doing. I made notes on the calendar page of weather and ordinary events, and then I ventured onto another page, making simple lists of books we’d read that month and favorite foods we had eaten. My middle son was inspired to draw a sh taco. Another son added some rainy weather illustrations. When we were out on our next walk, one of my children exclaimed, “I see the rst eagle of the year!” When we got back, he drew an eagle on the page I had titled Firsts.

By taking the time to document all the ordinary moments that ll our everyday life (the very rst of the da odils popping up in the spring or the rst time we bake pumpkin pies in the autumn), we create a more meaningful connection as a family and to our world around us, and moment by moment, we are writing our family story.

As with any project, the beginning may be modest. You may have to inspire your family and lead by example. I still assume this role as facilitator and inspirer, jotting down notes of firsts and favorites of the month, which act as gentle reminders for my children to draw out the details later. As the days go on, my children document life, as they experience it, in the family journal. It has become a well-worn habit.

The simple little idea of documenting our family story has blossomed into a truly authentic, collaborative project. The Kinship Family Journal has become a true family record with thoughtfulness and intent. Even though we are all living an extraordinary adventure, it’s in all the ordinary moments that the deepest connections lie and the true family story is told.

Yours truly,

Launching NOW via Kickstarter

Get special early bird pricing for early backers
Visit Our Kickstarter Page
kinship family journal kickstarter
kinship family journal free copy
Telling a story is like reaching into a granary full of wheat and drawing out a handful. There is always more to tell than can be told. ― Wendell Berry
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