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4in1 Montessori Climbing Set: Triangle Ladder + Climbing Arch + Slide Board + Cushion Beige

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Demonstrating Goodevas' dedication to excellence and innovation, the 4in1 Montessori climbing set seamlessly combines learning with fun. Grounded in the principles of the Montessori method, this set actively promotes a child's cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. It improves muscle strength, balance, hand-eye coordination, and nurtures motor skills while instilling confidence. Tailored for children aged 1 to 6-7 years old, each element of this set offers versatility:

  • Triangle Ladder: Serving as the core structure, it functions as a secure climbing apparatus for young adventurers.
  • Climbing Arch: Besides connecting to the triangle ladder, its versatile design can be flipped to serve as a rocker, with the addition of a cushion creating a cozy nook for your little one.
  • Slide/Ramp: With a dual-purpose, it connects the arch and triangle ladder, facilitating both ascent and descent activities.
  • Arch Pillow:  This soft cushion for the Climbing Arch provides a comfortable surface for children to lie on while enjoying rocking activities.


Prioritizing safety and durability, each piece is crafted from eco-friendly Latvian birch plywood, while the dowels boast linden soft hardwood. Our meticulous attention ensures every wooden surface is sanded and polished for a splinter-free finish. Treated with a unique blend of oils and waxes, this set is apt for both indoor adventures and controlled outdoor play. We, however, advise caution in regions with high humidity or extreme temperatures.


  • Complete Set: 6.89 ft (210 cm)


  • Complete Set: 42 lb (15.89 kg)

Detailed Components:

  • A double-sided marvel for independent, supervised climbing, serving as an introductory fitness tool and an engaging toy for simultaneous play by multiple children.
  • Slide/Ramp: Featuring a dual design for both smooth descents and climbing challenges, with the option to position as a bridge, connecting other climbing structures seamlessly.
  • Arch: Tailored for various age groups, aiding toddlers in their initial steps and offering advanced climbs for older explorers. Flipping it transforms it into a unique balance board or rocker, providing diverse play options.
  • Arch Pillow: Soft, lightweight layers create a comfortable surface for lying and rocking, ensuring every position is enjoyable.
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