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Beka Heirloom Ultimate Easel
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You will not find a better easel than the Beka Easel. It is true heriloom quality made of natural hard maple by a family owned woodshop in Minnesota for over 40 years. With much heritage, it's the real thing.
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Beka Heirloom Ultimate Easel

You will not find a better easel than the Beka Ultimate Easel. It is true heirloom quality made of natural hard maple by a family-owned wood shop in Minnesota for over 40 years. With much heritage, it's the real thing.


  • Includes a built-in paper holder & cutter.
  • Two large 24" x 24" art surfaces (your choice of chalk, dry-erase or washable magnet board).
  • Natural hardwood or red plastic paint trays.
  • Beka's unique "hinge" reduces the possibility of pinching while providing a hinge that will not bend or break with wear.
  • Features a handy center storage tray that doubles as a locking system, while still allowing the easel to be folded for storage.
  • The top-mounted paper holder stays in place, keeping paper handy and safe during use or storage.
  • Extension legs can be added. Click here for the extension legs- sold separately.
  • Paper Rolls are sold separately.  Click here for the paper that fits the easel.


  • Height: 42" (non-adjustable, unless extension legs are added)
  • Weight:
    Chalkboard/ Markerboard: 17 lbs.
    Magnet board/ Chalkboard: 21 lbs.
  • Paper needs to be 16.5" wide. 


  • Natural hard maple from the USA.
  • Paint trays are red plastic or hard maple.


  • Paper rolls and art supplies are not included. 
  • The red tray vs. the wood tray: The red tray has a clean look, can be washed out with water, and is 1" taller than the wood tray. The wood tray has an all-natural look and is sturdier (it would take a hammer to break it as opposed to the more "flexible" plastic). You would not want to get the wood tray wet, so drawings on the trays need to be sanded off or simply enjoyed! Many people like the character and patina of a wood tray over time, almost making the easel itself a piece of art.
  • The difference between the Ultimate and Deluxe Easel is that the Ultimate starts at a shorter height (42") and has the option to add extension legs making the easel adjustable in height (with 4 different heights to choose from, up to 54"). The Deluxe Easel has one height (46-1/2").
  • The white magnet board is primarily designed for use with magnets. It is washable and can also be used with "high quality" dry-erase markers like Dixon markers (we recommend attention to cleaning regularly and diligently, as it is not as reliable a wipe-off markerboard as our standard markerboard). Always test markers in a corner for erasure before use. The magnet board is double-sided (thus can be flipped over).


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Customer Reviews

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Melissa Richards
High-quality, aesthetically-pleasing easel!

I got the black chalkboard/magnet board adjustable easel w/wooden trays for my art-driven 5-year old. It is a great statement piece in our main sitting room. It is very stable unlike other kids' easels. We use the chalkboard multiple times a day + use the magnet side w/ magnet letters + Star Wars magnets, as well as paint on the pull down roll paper. Everything I have ever bought or received as a present from Fawn + Forest is nothing but great quality.

Farah Grainger

It was perfect for our 7yr old!