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Lorena Canals Washable Animal Cotton Rug Baby Butterfly

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Lorena Canals Washable Animal Cotton Rug Baby Butterfly

Move to unexpected places on the Baby Butterfly rug. Pleasant to the touch with its different pile heights, this rug is made with a total of eight hues of soft pink and peach that blend together to create a more realistic butterfly. Decorated with subtle burgundy details, and a body in darker tones. The dark pink antennae are carefully handcrafted with cotton cord and can be easily removed from the rug before washing. A perfect choice for any kid's room or playroom. Are you ready to fly to new horizons?


  • Machine-washable: This product is machine washable at home, keeping it flawless wash after wash, making life easier!
  • Sustainably-made: This is a unique artisan piece, carefully designed by Lorena Canals and sustainably handcrafted in our own factory using natural fibers and upcycled materials, non-toxic dyes, and a firm commitment to the planet and people. From the design process, to material sourcing and production, we always choose options that minimize waste and ensure long-lasting designs.
  • Eco-friendly: The "Rugcycled" base is how we give a second life to textile leftovers from our own production. Look for our greenest upcycled products labeled like this.
  • Handcrafted: If you own one of our signature home rugs, you know it is a one-of-a-kind piece. Because it is handmade by Indian artisans and not the result of mass production. Each Lorena Canals product is carefully handcrafted by our artisans in our own factory in India using ancestral craft techniques. The result is a piece of art with slight variations inherent in artisanal work. Finding beauty in imperfection.
  • Natural fibers - Cotton: Lightweight, practical, and above all, washable! Cotton is a natural and renewable fiber, known for its high absorption and insulation properties. Not only is it soft and comfortable to the touch, but it is also hypoallergenic, durable and easy to clean, all which make a cotton rug a great choice for your home. With proper care, it will last for many years.
  • Lightweight: All of our washable rugs have a lightweight and flexible design that makes them easily machine washable without sacrificing quality. You can move them from one room to another, making them a practical choice for any home!
  • Long-lasting: We're all about the slow decor. We are committed to manufacturing products with high-quality natural fibers to ensure maximum durability. A piece made with natural fibers can last a lifetime, while one made with synthetic fibers needs to be replaced frequently. Our products will grow with kids and families at home.
  • Solidarity: Our rugs stand for solidarity. Touched by seeing children whose future is determined by their family's economic circumstances, Lorena Canals decided to offer her own social support by giving them access to education. This is how the Sakûla Project was born, a nursery school in the north of India where street children can receive food and education. There are currently 120 children attending the school and counting.


  • Dimensions: 3' x 4'
  • Weight: 4 lbs


  • 97% cotton, 3% other fibers 
  • Base: RugCycled textile fibers, mainly cotton 


  • Machine wash using a delicate cool program (86°F max).
  • Do not use a washer with a center centrifuge or agitator as it may damage the rug.
  • Use mild detergent without bleach or softeners.
  • Select low spin speed. Do not leave wet rug in the washer.
  • Tumble dry at low temperature. Avoid drying in the sun.
  • Do not worry if lint appears, as this is residue fiber produced from cutting the cotton. We recommend regular vacuum cleaning using a low-power suction mode and a high-pile setting. Do not use a beater bar or any other rotating accessories which may damage the pile. We do not recommend the use of floor cleaning robots.
  • If you find any long or loose yarns, cut these using a pair of scissors. Do not pull the yarns.


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