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Bringing a new baby into the world wakes people up to the hazards that surround us every day. As a parent, you become extra sensitive to every little thing in your new baby’s environment – from food and clothing to the cleaning products in your home. Everything you use on or near their little bodies is under scrutiny – and for a good reason.

Pick a baby care product off the shelf and it likely contains ingredients linked to hormone-distribution, allergies, or other negative health effects, including cancer. A baby’s tiny body does not detoxify as efficiently as an adult’s, so the chemicals can have a lasting effect on them. So why take the chance when there are plenty of chemical-free, natural baby care products that exist?

fawn&forest offers natural baby gifts, modern baby cribs and other natural products for the best baby registry. We carry popular brands that environmentally-conscious parents love, including Oeuf, Naturepedic, Ferm Living, and Bumbleride.

Craftsmanship and sustainability are qualities we look for when choosing products for fawn&forest. We believe that heirloom quality baby products and gifts hold a special place in family units. They can be used to mark milestones, celebrate special occasions, and capture those ever-fleeting childhood moments because the days may be long, but the years are short.

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