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Wood toys are welcoming, inviting your little one into hours of imaginative play, stand up to the test of time and instantly become family heirlooms. Our carefully curated collection of wood toys includes wood animals from Germany, puzzles from Switzerland and a few beloved toys in between. Craftsmanship, sustainable materials and thoughtful designs are the foundation of our criteria for well-made wood toys. 

Naef Animal Puzzle

$ 106.20

Naef Naef Animal Puzzle - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Bauhaus Chess Set & Board

$ 557.00

Naef Naef Bauhaus Chess Set & Board - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Bigblock Tow Truck

$ 99.99

Guidecraft Bigblock Tow Truck - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Car

$ 36.00

Naef Naef Car - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Cella

$ 198.00

Naef Cella
Free Gift

Bigblock Dump Truck

$ 99.99

Guidecraft Bigblock Dump Truck - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Cubicus

$ 172.00

Naef Naef Cubicus - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Schnurpfel Pony

$ 45.00

Naef Naef Schnurpfel Pony - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Game Spiel

$ 155.00

Naef Naef Game Spiel - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Bauhaus Optischer Farbmischer

$ 51.00

Naef Naef Bauhaus Optischer Farbmischer - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Labyrinth

$ 54.00

Naef Naef Labyrinth - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Lithos

$ 120.00

Naef Naef Lithos - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Bigblock Cement Mixer

$ 99.99

Guidecraft Bigblock Cement Mixer - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Holz Wood Kollektion

$ 136.00

Naef Naef Holz Wood Kollektion - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Ornabo Blocks

$ 117.00

Naef Naef Ornabo Blocks - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Naef Signa

$ 86.00

Naef Naef Signa - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Wooden Farm Dog

$ 11.00

Holztiger Wooden Farm Dog - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Wooden Fox

$ 12.00

Holztiger Wooden Fox - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Wooden Dappled Piglet

$ 10.00

Holztiger Wooden Dappled Piglet - fawn&forest
Free Gift

Wooden Foal

$ 16.00

Holztiger Wooden Foal - fawn&forest
Free Gift

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