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A hairbrush is more than just a tool when you brush your baby's hair. It is an intimate moment with your little one that brings your closer together.

Hairbrush to Keepsake: From Daily Routines to Fond Memories

A hairbrush is more than just a tool when you brush your baby's hair. It is an intimate moment with your little one that brings your closer together.
A high-quality hairbrush can become a long-lasting, cherished keepsake full of heart-warming memories of smiles, laughter, and cuddles with your little one.

Hairbrush to Keepsake: From Daily Routines to Fond Memories

One of the things that surprised me most about parenthood is how simple routines create the framework for the most magical memories. Some of our baby’s biggest smiles and loudest giggles were on the changing table, the sweetest snuggles were while drying off after bath time, and the deepest eye contact with warmest smiles was while we were brushing his hair.

You may be in the market for a soft bristle brush to stimulate the healthy hair growth of your baby's infant hair or as a scalp massage tool to help with blood flow and to stimulate natural oils to avoid dry skin. We want to remind you that when you are looking for the best baby hair brush, there is more to consider than beech wood vs. silicone or wooden bristles vs. natural goat hair bristles. Memories have a weird way of tying themselves to physical objects, so finding a good quality brush you love to use might be just as important as knowing if that baby hair brush set contains BPA or not.

It’s Not Just a Baby Hair Brush, It’s Some of My Favorite Memories

Time flies, and before long, those magical moments are warm memories. In our home, we look for creative ways to capture memories, and recently I accidentally stumbled across a great way to do just that! I was going through some cabinet drawers, andfound the newborn hair brush we used with our first child. As I sat holding it in my hand, I experienced a flood of happy memories. 

When our little one was still an infant, he had cradle cap, the yellowish scales often found on babies’ heads. We were assured that the scaly flakes were not causing our child discomfort and that it was nothing to be concerned about. But as new parents, we were overly enthusiastic about giving the best care to our baby. A family friend gifted us a super soft goat hair brush. We used this wooden baby hair brush once or twice a week to help gently exfoliate the cradle cap. Honestly, I don’t think it helped the baby’s scalp all that much, but I looked forward to brushing the fine hair on his head because it created an opportunity for us to connect.

As I sat in front of the cabinet, lost in memory while tracing my fingers over the soft goat hair bristles, I realized how I had unknowingly used this little brush to create a direct link to precious memories. Now when considering buying something, either for our child or as a baby shower gift for a friend, I take a moment to consider how my purchase might be used to create strong sensory connections. If we had rushed out and gotten a cheap, sterile, plastic cradle cap brush for our baby’s head, I might have completely missed out on the opportunity to re-experience all those cherished memories. When you use heirloom quality tools, learning to care for your baby’s skin and laughing together as you work to detangle that always messy toddler hair goes from being a chore to building a relationship.

A Daily Routine is a Daily Connection

Creating routines for your baby is so important. I could go on and on about how singing to your baby helps them understand language or how open-ended play helps your child learn to problem solve and develop a sense of self. But I want to take a moment to re-prioritize. Yes, giving your child every advantage is important, but remember to enjoy the relationship you can build while caring for your child. Learning and connecting are not two separate things.

Creating routines does help our kids develop and perform their best, but just as importantly, they are how we love our children. Spending time with them daily is how we communicate how much we value them. Tucking them under that blanket that grandma made for them and helping them put their toys away in the old pine toy box that your uncle made in high school woodshop is how we remind them that they are home.

Familiar objects are not just convenient; they are the few small bits of the world that help make a home, your home. Even when you change houses, that familiar blanket will still be part of the bed, that comb set will still be part of bathtime, and that toy chest will still hold your child’s treasures.

From newborn baby to graduating teen, Wherever you are in your child's development, now is the right time to start creating routines. Routines that help them get their homework done, routines that teach them how to manage money, routines that help them get good sleep. Routines that help you demonstrate how much you love them.

Invest in Making Memories

As I said before, one of the (now) most precious keepsakes that has been part of my baby’s life since he was a newborn is that ultrasoft wooden baby hairbrush. Of course, you will invest in hair care for your children, so let us encourage you to find something that is not just a tool; it’s also a keepsake. Spending time working the tangles out of your little one’s hair should be more than a chore.

At Fawn & Forest, we work with companies that make high-quality, long-lasting items that are a joy to use. If you care about quality, you will like what you find in our store.

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