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Dressers & Changers

Many parents focus all their attention on crib selection when setting up their baby’s nursery, but it’s all about the changer and dresser. Baby dressers and changing tables are the workhorse of the nursery and an essential piece of baby furniture.

New parents are often surprised to find out just how much storage they need for their baby’s items. Some key factors to consider when choosing the right dresser and changing table are functionality, space, aesthetic and durability. Choosing a modern baby dresser and changing table combination like the Babyletto Gelato 3 Drawer Changer Dresser help maximize storage while offering more versatility and value. Another space-saving option is the Stokke Home Changer. It safely attaches to the Stokke Home Dresser, bed and cradle stand and comes with a convenient storage box. 

Multi-purpose in nature, we have chosen modern baby dressers and changing tables that will meet your needs now as a changing table and in the future, beyond the diapering days. Sustainable woods, ample storage and durability are important elements of a quality contemporary dresser and changing table.

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