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Imaginative play occurs when a child role-plays experiences that are of interest to them. There are a number of benefits that imaginative play contributes to a child’s development. Creative, open-ended play with peers and parents is how children learn to socially bond, respect others, communicate, and balance personal emotions with the emotions of others. Imaginative play can also lower anxiety, improve academic skills, decrease destructive behavior, and improve concentration and focus.

Finger paints and pint-sized musical instruments might be the first things that come to mind when you are thinking of creative toys, but there is a much wider range of imaginary play toys that inspire artistic thought in children.

At fawn&forest, our collection of pretend play toys reflects the simplicity of such activities when only a few props are needed, like a doll buggy or field tent. Whether they like to cook and clean with their realistic kitchen set, put on a show with their magic kit, or play dress up, you’re sure to find something for everyone. Your child's imagination will fill in the rest.

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