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Swaddles & Sleepsacks

There is a reason the first three months of a baby’s life are often referred to as the “fourth trimester”. Babies love the feeling of being wrapped up snuggly in a cozy swaddle blanket as they transition from the confined space of your womb to the outside world. It also allows them to sleep comfortably and prevent any compulsive movements caused by their startle reflex (Moro reflex).

As babies get bigger, they transition out of a swaddle blanket to a sleep sack. The wearable blanket allows your little one to kick, wiggle, and even move around without the risk of suffocation. It is also convenient for tired parents since a baby sleep sack slips right over your little one’s clothes and pajamas, allowing you to keep the infant sleep sack on as you feed and soothe them at night.

fawn&forest’s baby swaddle blankets and sleep sacks offer comfort and just the right amount of warmth to soothe your baby. The material a blanket is made from will affect how it feels against your baby’s skin. Because of this, we have given particular care to offer the highest quality materials, including organic cotton that has an extra-soft feel and fine merino wool that has a high comfort factor. 

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