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Louelle Sleeping Bag

by Louelle
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Louelle Sleeping Bag

Swaddling is an age-old technique for wrapping babies in a blanket in order to replicate the feeling of being in a womb. The idea of a sleep sack is the same as swaddling – to provide babies with the security and comfort they need to rest easy on their own. They also are great for parents worried about SIDS since traditional blankets are deemed unsafe for children under 1.

There are also many different sleep sack styles, designs, and fabrics parents can choose from. Some sleep sacks pin the baby’s arms down, but those are only intended for use until they are 4 months old or can roll over. It is also best to avoid synthetic materials like fleece or polyester, which can trap heat and cause overheating. Some sleep sacks come in a set size while others grow with your little one. Lastly, there is the age-old question of zippers vs. buttons. Many parents prefer zipper designs during those middle of the night diaper changes.

The Louelle Sleeping Bag will help aid your little one’s rest. The fabric is soft and breathable, helping to relax your baby and place them in a true state of peace. When they awake in need of a change, the side zip closure allows for efficient diaper management. The combination of comfort and fashion will please both parents and babies.

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  • Back press-studs are designed to enable the sleeping bag to grow as children grow.
  • Secure press-stud closure on shoulder straps
  • Fabric composition developed to ensure breathability and softness to encourage a secure nights sleep.
  • Side zip closure, opens out flat to allow for easy nappy/diaper change.


      • Outer fabric: 50% linen / 50% cotton
      • Liberty fabric: 100% Tana Lawn cotton
      • Inner fabric: 100% cotton jersey lining
      • Fill composition: polyester


      • Length: 31in/80 cm from top of shoulder to the base of the bag
      • Top Width: 13.5in/35 cm across from under arm
      • Base Width: 17.5in/44 cm across from base of the bag
      • Bag is approx 25in/64 cm long with base press-studs fastened


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